Career and Technology Studies (CTS)

CTS (Career and Technology Studies) is a PowerTeacher Pro customization that eliminates some workload from secretaries by giving teachers control over what and when Modules and Students are added to their Header sections.

Teachers will have a Section (named a Header course or Holding Bin course in CTS terms) that will have all students taking that CTS course enrolled (Foods for example). From there, Modules related to the Header course will be added as Sections and students taking that module will be enrolled (for example, Foods Introduction or Foods Basics). Teachers are then able to grade students specifically for that Module.


PowerTeacher Pro customization
Allows teachers to add their own Modules and Students in real-time
Reporting specific to CTS
Easy searching of available Modules for Teachers to add
Customized Header to Module association
Dossier - Collaborative Response Model (CRM)
Dossier - Collaborative Response Model (CRM)
Dossier - Collaborative Response Model (CRM)


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